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Helping Pastors Get Relief from Financial Pressures

October 24, 2019


Affordable Financial Services & Free Financial Wellness Programs from Christian Community Credit Union

Pastors work hard every day to share the Gospel and build God’s Kingdom. At Christian Community Credit Union, we stand ready to serve as a resource to help pastors who are facing financial and economic challenges. Our mission is to serve Christ followers to live and give more abundantly.

Christian Community Credit Union’s roots go back to those serving in the ministry. In 1957, a handful of American Baptist pastors got together to form American Baptist Ministers Credit Union. Though the name has changed, our passion to serve the financial services needs of pastors, churches, and their members remains the same. We’ve grown to serve over 31,000 members in over 100 countries.

Unlike other financial institutions, we take time to get to know pastors and their churches. Whether the goal is saving for the future or helping them save money now, we provide affordable banking and financing services for pastors and churches. That includes offering low-rate home loans, auto loans, and student loans. Our various savings and checking accounts can help pastors use their financial resources wisely. With Digital Banking and Cash Management, pastors have access to their accounts anytime, anywhere.

Pastors can count on Christian Community Credit Union to be their ally when it comes to providing money-management resources to the financial challenges they face. Through our partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness, we provide confidential one-on-one financial counseling offered at no cost to pastors. GreenPath Financial Wellness also includes access to debt management services, credit report review, as well as financial education. Also, we offer Money Management, a program available in Online Banking, to help pastors put money management at their fingertips—and their financial goals within their reach.

To the pastor needing a debit card or credit card, our “Cards that Give to Missions” program is a money-saving and rewards-earning option. With no annual fees, low-rates, and special offers on balance transfers, pastors can save money. For every purchase using the card, a donation is generated for missions—at no cost to the cardholder.  Plus, pastors can earn reward points good for travel, premium merchandise, cash back and more. To date, the Credit Union has given over $6 million to missions and ministry projects nationwide and around the world.

Christian Community Credit Union also offers “Money for Missions,” a donation program to churches for funding special missions projects. Churches receive a donation of $50 for every church attendee who joins Christian Community Credit Union with a qualifying account. The more church members who join, the bigger the donation. “Money for Missions” is a simple, yet effective fundraising program that also helps church attendees enjoy the benefits of membership with Christian Community Credit Union.

Pastors need financial solutions that work for them and from someone who understands their economic and financial challenges. At Christian Community Credit Union, we are committed to helping pastors become better stewards, grow their ministries, and build God’s Kingdom. For more information, please visit myCCCU.com, call 800.347.CCCU (2228), or email [email protected].

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