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Member Benefits

At Christian Community Credit Union (CCCU), our focus is on people, not profits. We’re a full-service and faith-based Credit Union that exists to serve Christ followers to live and give more abundantly. As a financial cooperative, you’re not only a member, you’re also an owner when you join CCCU. Our financial products are designed to help you manage your finances, so you can thrive financially and give generously.

As a purpose-driven Credit Union, supporting the Christian community is central to all we do. Money deposited into CCCU is re-invested to support Christian charities and provide affordable financing to individuals, churches, and ministries. What a blessing it is to know that, as you live out your faith, your money is also helping advance God’s Kingdom.

$6 Million+

Donated to Missions & Ministry Projects

$1 Billion+

Funded Ministry & Church Loans


Surcharge-Free ATMs + Over 5,600 Shared Branches nationwide

New Member Special Offers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a credit union? 

Credit unions are not-for-profit institutions that provide financial services. Most credit unions offer the same types of services as banks, but with a very important difference: credit unions are owned by the people they serve, while banks are profit-driven and owned by shareholders.  

Credit unions typically offer lower loan rates and higher savings rates than banks—and save consumers billions of dollars each year.* (*Data reference: forbes.com) 

Does it cost money to become a member?  

It doesn’t cost anything to become a member of CCCU. Instead, as a member you’ll have access to exclusive membership benefits you can only get when you join our cooperative. 

Where can I do my banking with CCCU?

You can manage your finances anywhere, anytime with CCCU’s free digital Apple and Android Apps. We’re also part of the CO-OP network which means you have access to over 5,600 Shared Branches and over 30,000 surcharge-FREE ATMs nationwide

What Christian causes does CCCU give to?

While CCCU gives to various missions and ministry projects, our top giving priorities are spreading the Gospel, combatting human trafficking, and protecting vulnerable children.