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Your Money Building God’s Kingdom

At Christian Community Credit Union, our focus is on people, not profits. We help build God’s Kingdom by partnering with you to help you manage your money in a God-honoring way. The money you deposit helps provide affordable loans to churches, ministries, and their members. Whether it’s constructing a new church building, remodeling a facility, or purchasing a home, your money is working in the Christian community.

Plus, when you use our credit and debit cards for purchases, you are giving to missions. To date, the Credit Union has donated more than $5 million to ministry and missions projects in the U.S. and around the globe.

Credit Unions vs. Banks

Credit unions are not-for-profit institutions that provide financial services. Most credit unions offer the same types of services as banks, but with a very important difference: credit unions are owned by the people they serve, while banks are profit-driven and owned by shareholders.

Credit unions offeron average, lower loan rates and higher savings rates than banks—and save consumers billions of dollars each year. Credit unions are insured, closely regulated, and operated in a very careful manner.

Membership and Benefits

Credit unions are financial cooperatives that serve members who become owners of the organization. At Christian Community Credit Union, we offer personal financing services such as credit cardssavingsfree checking accounts, and even church and ministry financing loans.

You are eligible to join Christian Community Credit Union in one of two ways:

1) Through Your Church or Ministry

You’re affiliated with a Christian ministry (including many Protestant Christian churches and schools) within Christian Community Credit Union’s field of membership. You may be a member, regular attendee, employee, missionary, or student/alumnus.

> See if your church, ministry, or school is eligible for membership

Join Christian Community Credit Union by opening a deposit!

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2) Through Your Family

You’re a relative of a current member of Christian Community Credit Union. Relatives include: spouse, father/mother (and in-laws), brother/sister (and in-laws), son/daughter (and in-laws), grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, and cousin.

Call 800.347.CCCU (2228) for more information about your membership eligibility.

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