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Membership & Benefits

Credit Unions are financial cooperatives owned by their members. That means we serve our members, not stockholders. At Christian Community Credit Union, we offer Christians personal banking services like credit cardssavings accounts, and free checking accounts. We also offer church and ministry financing loans.

Learn how your money is building God’s Kingdom

Want to join our family? Here are two ways:

1) Through your church or ministry – You’re a member, regular attendee, employee, missionary, or student/alumnus of a Protestant Christian church, ministry, or school that’s in our field of membership (our list of who’s eligible to join.)

See if your church, ministry, or school is eligible▸

2) Through your family – You’re a relative of a current member of Christian Community Credit Union. Relatives include: spouse, father/mother (and in-laws), brother/sister (and in-laws), son/daughter (and in-laws), grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, or cousin.

Apply for membership by opening a deposit account!

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Download a membership invitation

Call 800.347.CCCU (2228) for more information about your membership eligibility.

Learn more about:

Switch Kit

Congratulations on your new membership! Now you can save money and time by moving your other checking and credit card accounts to the Credit Union. Our Switch Kit makes moving your accounts fast, simple, and convenient. The Switch Kit will help you:

  1. Move your direct deposits and automatic payments
  2. Close your old accounts
  3. Transfer your credit card balance

Download Christian Community Credit Union’s Switch Kit

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