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How to Access Funds

There are many options for accessing cash and making payments from your ministry/business account(s).


The most common method ministries use to make payments is check writing. With our ministry checking accounts, you can write an unlimited number of checks for your payments. Once the checks clear, you can access the images online. We also offer check fraud protection through Positive Pay. This service protects you by allowing you to review checks that clear, but do not match the list of checks you have issued, and by notifying us of these checks so they can be returned.

Cash Access through CO-OP Shared Network

  • Withdraw up to $500 at local credit unions that are part of the CO-OP Shared Branches network—the second largest branch network in the country. This network of cooperative credit unions brings added convenience to credit union members worldwide. If you need to withdraw more than $500, we can make arrangements for you to receive the funds at a credit union near you. Find a CO-OP Shared Branch near you ▸
  • Use a Visa Check Card issued to your signers to withdraw up to $810 daily from an ATM.

Bill Payer

Schedule one time or recurring bills online with this service available through online banking.

Visa Check Card

The Visa Check Card has a Visa logo, but it’s not a credit card. It’s like a plastic check that you can use everywhere Visa is accepted. Withdraw cash at an ATM or make purchases at millions of locations where Visa is accepted. All transactions performed through the CO-OP Network are surcharge free. Visa Check Cards are available for authorized signers or when otherwise approved.

Visa Check Cards can be linked to designated accounts and be used to control purchases. The daily cash withdrawal limit is $1,025 and the daily purchase limit is $5,000.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

This electronic funds transfer tool is available through Cash Management and allows you to initiate transfers securely for payroll, accounts payable, and other payments.


For your domestic or international money transfer needs, the Credit Union can wire funds in both U.S. or foreign currency. Same day delivery available for domestic wires if initiated before 11:00 AM (PST). Get set up to initiate wires through Cash Management.

Cash/Change Order Service

If you are coordinating a conference or convention and are in need of Cash/Change Order services, contact us to place your order and arrange for drop off and pick up using armored transport.

Money Orders and Cashiers Checks

Please contact us today to request Money Orders and Cashiers Checks.

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