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Buying a Vehicle? Pick Up Some Peace of Mind

January 25, 2022

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If a new or used vehicle is in your future, CCCU offers excellent financing rates and inexpensive options for added peace of mind.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

This is what most states call an extended warranty, providing coverage for various mechanical failures after your manufacturer’s warranty expires. A mechanical breakdown is far more likely to happen than an accident, but you can protect yourself from expensive repairs with mechanical breakdown insurance. And picking it up through CCCU offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Wholesale pricing, will save you money over dealership extended warranties.
  • Nationwide protection
  • 24-hour roadside assistance, including towing, lockouts, and fuel delivery
  • The freedom and flexibility to have your car repaired at any licensed repair facility.

According to the California Department of Insurance, mechanical breakdown insurance offers advantages over vehicle service contracts sold by auto dealerships, including state regulation and oversight, which can provide added peace of mind.

CCCU provides mechanical breakdown protection through Olive.com, a fully licensed leading provider of mechanical breakdown protection plans. Several different plans are available to fit most households’ needs and budgets.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

You may not realize this, but if your financed vehicle were ever stolen or totaled, your insurance may not cover your entire loss. If it only pays the current market value, you could still owe thousands of dollars after the insurance settlement. That’s where a Guaranteed Asset Protection plan comes in. GAP is a low-cost program that pays the difference between your insurance settlement and your loan balance. It’s available for new and used automobiles, vans, light trucks, and SUVs.

Paint Protection  

A third way to protect your vehicle is to purchase a paint protection film kit, which is a very effective way to prevent your vehicle’s finish from getting scratched or chipped from stones or debris on the road or scraping up against something in your garage. This thin invisible paint protection works on cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, and other vehicles by creating a solid film over the paint.

While most of today’s new vehicles come with a clear-coat protective finish, it isn’t failsafe. UV-stable, pre-cut paint protection films (available through a third-party paint protection company), are applied to common impact zones, thereby creating invisible paint protection for hoods and fenders, side mirrors, bumpers and grills, headlight covers, doors, and more. 

Theft Protection 

If your vehicle were ever stolen, what are the chances you would ever get it back? If it’s equipped with a LoJack stolen vehicle recovery system, the odds are heavily in your favor. 98% of stolen vehicles equipped with this system are recovered, and it takes an average of just 26 minutes after reporting a LoJack-equipped vehicle stolen to get it back.


Special hardware is installed in your vehicle. If your vehicle is stolen, you notify local police who enter information about your vehicle into the National Crime Information Center databases. The LoJack system is then activated, emitting a coded radio frequency signal. After that, police officers can use computers in their vehicles to locate your vehicle. 

The first two services, mechanical breakdown insurance, and GAP protection are available through CCCU. Visit www.mycccu.com/auto or call 800-347-CCCU (2228) for more details. The other two, paint protection and LoJack, are not offered through CCCU but are highly recommended.

Matt Bell is the author of four Biblical money management books published by NavPress. He speaks at churches and conferences throughout the country and writes the MattAboutMoney blog.

This article should not be considered legal, tax, or financial advice. You may wish to consult a tax or financial advisor about your individual financial situation.

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