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Banking With Your Values: How CCCU Advances the Gospel

August 25, 2023

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What if your bank was more than just a facilitator of funds? What if it could be a catalyzer of God’s work around the globe? That’s the solution Christian Community Credit Union (CCCU) offers.

For over 66 years, CCCU has been more than just a traditional bank. Instead, we are proud to be part of actively advancing the Gospel around the world–a value that we make a top priority (click here to read how CCCU is different from secular banks). This is made possible because of our members. When you bank with CCCU, you enable us to invest into organizations and initiatives that strengthen the financial foundation of the Credit Union and its mission of serving Christ followers to live and give more abundantly. Just as every bank makes choices in what and who they support,  we choose to invest into the Gospel and our members. Below are just a few of the ways your money at CCCU is used in the advancement of the Gospel.

1. Cards that Give to Missions

Every time you use one of our debit or credit cards, you are changing lives. Through our “Cards that Give to Missions” program, we have been able to donate over $6 million to ministries and mission since 1995. Interested in becoming a card holder? Click here.

2. Ending Modern Slavery

In partnership with organizations such as Olive Crest, many of our members redeemed their credit card rewards points towards helping victims of human trafficking. In the case of Olive Crest, the funds donated were used to purchase a property for survivors of human trafficking.

3. Creating Christian Camps in Harsh Areas of the World

Through our partnership with Transformation Ministries, CCCU was a proud contributor to the first Christian camp in Liberia.

4. Advancing Religious Freedom Around the World

Through our support of the Institute for Global Engagement, we’ve been able to provide critical funds to help equip, train, and legally inform citizens around the globe about religious freedom so they can worship Jesus freely.

5. Affordable Loans and Financing to Churches

Churches need a financial institution that understands them, their mission, and their unique financial challenges. CCCU is proud to offer churches and ministries highly competitive loan rates as a direct result of our growing membership. Whether it’s real-estate loans for a new property, equipment loans for needed supplies, or investment opportunities to help ministries be good stewards of their current finances, when you bank with CCCU you make this happen.


If you care about knowing how your money is used, advancing the Gospel, and being part of a community with other like-minded Christians, then CCCU is a great banking choice. Click here to become a member today.

This article should not be considered legal, tax, or financial advice. You may wish to consult a tax or financial advisor about your individual financial situation.

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