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CCCU vs. Big Banks — 3 Things to Know

August 17, 2023

Bible and Money

Chances are, you’re reading this blog as a current customer of what is often times referred to as the “big banks.” These banks include brands such as: Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, or Citi. Customers often choose these banks due to physical location of a branch, specific services, or because they were referred from a family or friend. Yet over time, a tension has been brewing—amongst Christians in-particular—with how these banks sometimes conduct business, where they are investing money, and their lack of appreciation for Christian values or mission.

Consequently, there is an active groundswell of Christians looking for another option to do their banking. This blog addresses this growing tension by walking you through the differences between Christian Community Credit Union (CCCU) and the “big banks.”

1. CCCU is Unapologetically Christian

If knowing that you have a bank that supports, aligns, and understands your Christian values gives you peace of mind, then you have come to the right place. The “big banks” will never be able to make a claim that they are unapologetically Christian, nor will they ever claim to financially support the advancement of the Gospel around the world. The Gospel, biblical stewardship, and providing uniquely affordable financing to churches and ministries is simply not their priority.

Serving Christians, Christian churches, and Christian ministries is the very reason CCCU exists! For over 66 years, our legacy has been built upon providing secure, practical, and competitive banking solutions to individuals, churches, and ministries in the Christian community. In fact, CCCU has provided over $1 billion in ministry real estate loans alone, along with donating over $6 million through their credit card program to organizations that work to spread the Gospel, combat human trafficking, champion orphans, and more. Now that is something you will never hear or find with a “big bank.”

FACT: In a recent survey by CCCU of over 1,200 Christians across the nation, 61% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that now more than ever, it’s important to them that their bank reflects, aligns, and supports their Christian values.

2. CCCU’s Members, Leadership, and Board are Christian

As a not-for-profit credit union, there are basic eligibility requirements to become a member (click here to view). Each eligibility option is centered around either being affiliated with an evangelical church or ministry, being related to a fellow Christian member, or becoming a member of CCCU’s partner charity. In addition, CCCU’s Sr. Leadership ensures business goals, objectives, and conduct are built upon Biblical principles. This means that when you join CCCU, you’re not only joining a bank, but an entire community of like-minded individuals who share your faith.

A “big bank” is driven by secular values and will never be able to provide a community united by their beliefs, goals, and principles. Furthermore, the framework that guides their leadership decisions will be different. In times where Christians and Christian values seem to be ignored, suppressed, or discriminated against, you can rest assured that with CCCU, you are aligning your money with your faith.

3. CCCU Invests Your Money Differently

Many Christians do not stop and think about where all their money is going when they invest with a “big bank”. To be financially sound, banks utilize the money entrusted to them by investing into particular areas to grow their financial strength and assets. Many times, these funds are also invested into particular causes, PR campaigns, or donations to non-profit organizations. Since “big banks” are deemed successful when they are profitable, there is risk of conduct, conflict of faith values, and more when profit is the solitary goal of the business. The question is, do you know how your “big bank” is investing your money, and do those investments align with or go against the ways or purposes of God as revealed in the Bible? As stewards of all God has given us, it’s a question worth asking to see where that may lead you.

  • To date, CCCU has funded over $1 billion in loans to churches and Christian ministries.
  • As our membership base grows, it enables us to invest back into you—the Christian community—with even more competitive rates and offers, enabling you to live and give more abundantly.
  • When you use our credit or debit cards for purchases, you’re giving to Christian causes. To date, we have given over $6 million to ministry and missions projects because of our members simply using our cards.


While there are many reasons why you may choose one bank over another, it is our hope that the above reasons give you both a preview and confidence that finally, there is a financial institution that enables you to bank with your Christian values. Finally, there is a bank built around a Christian community. Finally, there is a bank built around Christian mission. Finally, you have found CCCU. Click here to become a member today.

This article should not be considered legal, tax, or financial advice. You may wish to consult a tax or financial advisor about your individual financial situation.

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