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Never Bounce a Payment Again

We are pleased to offer an innovative service for all members called DoubleCheck.

It can happen to anyone. But what if you knew your payment was going to bounce before it actually happened and you had time to add money to your account or change which items get paid? You can with DoubleCheck! With DoubleCheck, you get an alert before a payment bounces, not after. Then you get to take control and decide what happens next.*

*When using DoubleCheck, a $20 service charge applies and an additional 2.5% credit card transaction fee if you use a credit card.

Why DoubleCheck?

Because everyone deserves a second chance.

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Stop the running train of late fees

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Keep your reputation intact
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Avoid credit hits

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You’re in control of your payments

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DoubleCheck Saves you Money and Puts You in Control.

Whenever you have Non-Sufficient-Funds (NSF) in your checking account, you will receive an alert by text or email. This alert gives you time to take action and rectify the situation before your transaction is declined, ensuring critical payments like rent or utilities get paid, while protecting your reputation and credit rating.

DoubleCheck also offers alternative payment options to add funds to your account after the fact, adjust how your overdraft protection was applied, or use a credit card to cover expenses.*

How DoubleCheck Works


When you have a Non-Sufficient-Funds (NSF) in your checking account, you’ll get a text or email while there’s still time to act.


In mobile, tap the “More” link on the bottom right of the home screen, then tap “DoubleCheck” on the next screen. In desktop, select “Additional Services” from the navigation menu and then select “DoubleCheck.”


Follow the instructions to decide which transactions get paid and how to pay for the potential NSF, including agreeing to the daily DoubleCheck service charge per account. You only pay the service charge if you use DoubleCheck. It does not cost anything to log in and view your transactions. The service charge will be applied only after you elect to make changes.*

Avoid Costly Late Fees and Credit Rating Hits.
Take Control with DoubleCheck!

Terms & Conditions

In order to avoid overdraft fees, you must bring the available balance in your account to at least $0 before the DoubleCheck “Time to Act” timeframe indicated expires. If you make a deposit, the time it takes for your deposit to be reflected in your available balance and for those funds to become available to you will vary based on the deposit type and time. Depending on your deposit type or your deposit time, your deposit may not be available before your DoubleCheck “Time to Act” timeframe expires, therefore you may incur overdraft fees. When you choose to return an item that has been presented to Christian Community Credit Union for payment, we will return the item to the payee’s financial institution for insufficient funds, and the payee will not receive payment from Christian Community Credit Union. You may still have an obligation to pay the payee for goods, services, or other products. Christian Community Credit Union is not responsible for satisfying any obligations between you and the payee or any other party with respect to an item you decide to return. Before choosing to return an item, you should consider rules the payee may have or actions the payee may take on late/returned payments. Overdrawing an account, maintaining a negative available balance for any period of time, and returning transactions as unpaid may have other consequences, including account closure or negative impacts to your ability to obtain financial services including loans, deposit accounts, and other services at (insert FI name) and other financial institutions. Christian Community Credit Union will honor decisions to pay items at our discretion and does not guarantee that all items will be paid. Mobile Banking and DoubleCheck alerts are free to customers. However, third-party message and data rates may apply. These include fees your wireless carrier may charge you for data usage and text messaging services. Check with your wireless carrier for details regarding your specific wireless plan and any data usage or text messaging charges that may apply. Certain other restrictions apply.

*When using Double Check, a $20 service charge applies and an additional 2.5% credit card transaction fee if you use a credit card.