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American Family Association


Survey suggests Christian customers know banking business matters

As big banks, such as JP Morgan Chase, close accounts of Christian organizations, more and more people are becoming frustrated, according to a survey conducted by a faith-based credit union.


Should Christians take their money out of banks that don’t share their values?

Credit union survey finds at least one-third are considering changes amid ‘de-banking’ trend.


As Debanking Increases, Christian Community Credit Union Research Shows Christians are Choosing to Bank with Their Values

CCCU Research Initiative Shows Christians Find Conflict in Faith Values with Major Banks.

American Family Association


Is a Big Bank Exodus Coming?

Is it possible that Christians are now considering an exodus away from their familiar ‘big banks’ in order to better align with Christian values? Initial signs are saying yes.

American Family Association


Building a culture of generosity in your family?

Values such as unconditional love, honesty, and faith are certainly the cornerstones of a strong family unit. However, in today’s increasingly individualistic society, there is one value that yields lasting returns…

Podcast Interviews


Banking Protection through Christian Community Credit Union

According to a recent Fox News article entitled, “Corporate wokeness: Big Tech, major banks rated ‘high risk’ of canceling people, orgs for ideological reasons” a 1792 Exchange report reveals that over 12% of companies are part of this “high risk” group.


Is Your Bank Unbiblical? With Aaron Caid

If someone told you 10 years ago that your bank was pushing abortion and ungodly practices, would you believe it? Many Christians are getting fed up. This episode of Faith & Finance Live with host Rob West and guest, Aaron Caid addresses the concerns of today’s “big banks” and their politically motivated decisions that are at odds with Christian beliefs.


Is Your Bank Unbiblical, Pt. 2 With Aaron Caid

Rob West, Host of Faith & Finance Live, and guest, Aaron Caid, continue their discussion about the “big banks” dilemma and what Christians need to consider as they seek alternative banking solutions that align and support Christian values.

“Big Banks” In the News

bank of america

15 AGs accuse Bank of America of ‘discriminatory behavior’: ‘A serious threat to religious freedom’

Bank of America Closing Christians

Bank of America closes accounts tied to Christian outreach ministry.

Discover CEO’s sudden exit follows a wave of compliance issues.

Bank of America to pay $250 million for illegal fees, fake accounts.