What is CURewards?
When you choose a Platinum Rewards credit card, you’ll earn valuable CURewards points good for exciting travel opportunities and premium merchandise. You’ll earn one reward point for each dollar in purchases. Points can be redeemed for electronics, appliances and much more. Travel benefits include airline tickets, hotel stays, car rentals and cruises.
No restrictions on airline tickets!
Flying will be easier with exciting travel options for your reward points.
• No 21-day advance notice
• No Saturday night stay requirement
• No blackout dates

New & Improved Point Ranges!
You'll have more options to redeem your points for airfare and travel experience.
Ticket Price
$1.00 - $150.99
$151.00 - $250.99
$251.00 - $350.99
$351.00 - $450.99
$451.00 - $600.99
More than $600.99
Points Requirement
100 points x Ticket Price

Example: $650 ticket x 100 = 65,000 points

Flexible Options!
You’ll be able to get credit towards the cost of a ticket when you have at least 32,000 points. See below.

Ticket Credit Amount
Points Requirement

For example, your travel requires a $450 ticket and you have 35,000 points. You can redeem 32,000 of your 35,000 points and get a $325 credit towards the cost of the ticket; then pay the difference with your Christian Community credit card or Visa Check Card.

Over 3,000 Premium Merchandise and Gift Certificate Choices!
You'll have access to over 3,000 name brand merchandise. From high-end electronics to quality housewares, there's an award just for you. Plus, you'll have more choices for gift certificates from major retail outlets and restaurants.

Questions about the CURewards program enhancements?
Contact us at 800.347.CCCU (2228).

> View CURewards catalog and check your rewards

*Points earned are credited to your account each month and accrue over five calendar years and expire on a first-in-first-out basis annually. Points earned in calendar year one will expire as of the last day of calendar year five.



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