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Growing Your Ministry in the Digital Age

March 8, 2019

growing ministry during digital age

Have you taken your ministry digital? You probably have a website and social media accounts. Those can be important tools for growing and sharing your ministry. But is your church ready to adopt financial electronic services—and to get the growth and outreach benefits they provide?

Have you made giving online easy, convenient, and secure? Although the old collection plate is a traditional part of church services, more and more people are giving online. If someone is moved to give at your church but doesn’t have cash or a checkbook on them, you’ve missed a real opportunity. What are the chances that they’ll remember to give once they’ve walked out of the building?

Online giving is secure and doesn’t require a team of people to count and re-count donations. You can greatly reduce any chance of human error—or fraud—by not having large amounts of cash around. And the donations will be deposited directly into your church’s bank account.

In an increasingly cashless (and paper-check-less) world, you could be missing out on an important source of revenue. Younger people are not as likely to carry cash or checks. You can maximize your chance of attracting donations with a simple, seamless online giving option. Plus, you’ll be able to encourage your congregation to set up automated tithe payments. Budget planning will be much easier if you know that you have a set amount of money coming in each month.

Are you leaving money on the table by not accepting credit and debit cards onsite? Giving by credit or debit card is increasingly common.  For offsite fundraising events like auctions or bingo nights, being able to accept cards quickly and easily is a must. And if you have a café or gift shop onsite, congregants, as well as their visitors, will likely expect to be able to pay with credit and debit cards.

Are you securing your checks with remote deposit capture? Simply put, remote deposit capture is a way to deposit checks without physically going to the bank. Your staff simply scans the checks with a scanner and transmits the images instantly to your financial institution. Your staff will save time not having to record and deposit all of the checks. You’ll enjoy the increased security of not having to worry about the checks being lost or stolen before depositing. And the data will integrate easily with your accounting software.

In choosing the right digital strategies for your church or ministry, your focus should be on removing all possible obstacles to giving. Is your website easy to navigate? Is the donation page easy to find? Are you meeting your congregants (especially your younger ones) where they are in relation to electronic and mobile giving? Choosing the right financial institution to partner with can mean the difference between increased giving and loss of possible revenue streams. Make it easier for your congregants and visitors to give and your church will see the benefits.

Our experienced ministry team can help you find the best online and credit card services for your church or ministry. Christian Community Credit Union belongs to the second-largest shared branch network in the country. This means that you’re probably not far from a sister credit union or a free ATM. Our powerful online banking system offers a suite of tools to help you know exactly where your ministry’s money is going. And our remote deposit capture technology can increase your staff’s productivity while making sure you get your money faster.

We also offer easy, safe, seamless online giving and merchant services (credit/debit card terminals) through our partner, Talus Pay. Talus Pay’s solutions make giving easy, safe, and seamless, with sites that match your church’s website colors and incorporate your logo. They also offer point-of-sale terminals for your onsite shop or café. In addition, Talus Pay gives a portion of their monthly revenue to America’s Homeless Veterans (AHV).

Contact us today and let us know how we can help your church or ministry save time and earn more money with these electronic services. Contact The Ministry Development Group today!


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