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Ministry Share Secured Loans 

Need funds for a short-term goal or purchase and don’t want to dip into your ministry savings? Consider our Ministry Share Secured Loan. A flexible loan where you will save on interest when you borrow against existing deposit funds you have at CCCU. You’ll not only get an excellent rate with zero points and no fees, your ministry will continue to earn money on your deposit account(s) at the Credit Union. It’s a win, win. 

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Share Secured Loans

  • Secured loan  
  • Zero points & No fees 
  • Amortized up to 10 years 
  • Amount Financed: 100% of Savings Accounts / 90% of Certificate of Deposits (CD) 
  • Continue to earn dividends on Savings/CD accounts during the term of the loan 
  • No pre-payment penalties 

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