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Money Management

  • BALANCE Financial Fitness Program

    Whether you're interested in developing a workable spending and savings plan, getting out of debt, looking at your credit report, buying a home, or planning for your financial future, BALANCE provides confidential financial counseling and education.

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  • BalanceTrack Education

    BalanceTrack Education modules will guide you through the core aspects of personal financial management. By completing each course, you are moving toward financial success while demonstrating to your credit union your commitment to sound money management.

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  • Car-Buying Decisions Toolkit

    A toolkit from Balance to help you make smart car-buying decisions.

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  • Consumer's Guide to Credit Reports and Credit Scores

    Describes the content of a credit report, explains how a credit score is used, and discusses the role of credit bureaus in collecting and disseminating this information. Contains tips to help improve credit scores.

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  • Crown Financial

    Crown Financial Ministries is an interdenominational ministry dedicated to equipping people around the world to learn, apply, and teach biblical financial principles.

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  • Eight Tips for Financial Success

    A solid grounding in fiscal responsibility is basic self-defense. Learn how you can control your finances and improve your financial success.

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  • FinanceWorks: Money Management at Your Fingertips

    FinanceWorks puts money management at your fingertips and your financial goals within reach. Get control over your finances. Track your budget and see where you're spending your money. It's free, easy to use and available in online banking.

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  • Financial First Aid

    Many circumstances in life can derail even the best money management plans and leave us with less money than we need to meet monthly obligations. This course covers a five-step plan for handling a financial crisis and getting back on your feet.

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  • Financial Fitness Quiz

    A quiz from BALANCE to help you find out how much you know about personal finance.

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  • How to Set and Achieve Financial Goals

    Identify your goals and the steps necessary to accomplish them. Learn how to be specific in your goal amounts and time frame and to use the power of time to maximize your savings power.

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  • Making Sense of the Three Major Credit Bureaus

    You've heard of credit bureaus. But who are they and what do they do? BALANCE explains.

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  • Managing Student Debt

    Managing student debt can seem daunting, but you can do it. BALANCE has some helpful tips.

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  • Matt Bell: Financial Author and Speaker

    Helpful financial & stewardship articles from author/speaker Matt Bell.

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  • MyBalance

    An online budgeting tool from BALANCE which creates and helps manage your spending plan with steps and tools to make your money work for you.

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  • Seven Steps to Becoming a Disciplined Investor

    When it comes to investing, learning what you're supposed to do is relatively easy. But doing what you're supposed to do, well, that's surprisingly hard. We can be our own worst enemies.

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  • Teachable Moments: Money Edition

    Got kids? Here are some tips from BALANCE to help teach them about money.

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  • Thrive by Five for Children

    Children today learn about money from many sources. Long before they enter school, they observe adults using money and buying things. Thrive by Five is a specialized website that helps you teach your preschoolers about spending and saving.

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  • We Own Our Bank: Financial Resources for Consumers

    The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues have brought together a wealth of resources - calculators, worksheets, educational resources and financial basics - to take some of the stress out of finding your way through the financial maze.

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College and Young Adults

Image of college students sitting on steps

  • Finances for College Students

    Fit financial management into your schedule by learning about money management, checking and savings accounts, credit cards, household bills, and student loans. Available as a podcast.

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  • Repaying Student Loans

    Student loan debt can be fairly large, and the monthly payments may take up a big chunk of your income. However, being educated about student loans and your options can make it easier to repay them.

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  • Student Choice

    Credit Union Student Choice Private loan solution. A Better Way to Pay for College.

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  • Teens and Money

    Learn how to make the most of every penny so you can achieve financial independence including money management, buying a vehicle, checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and investing. Available as a Podcast.

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Home Ownership

Image of two homeowners admiring their home

  • Housing Counseling

    Buying a home is one of the biggest financial commitments you'll ever make. A counselor can help you make a plan.

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  • The Road to Homeownership

    Buying a first home is exciting, but it can feel overwhelming too. Through preparation and understanding the home buying process, you can achieve your dream of home ownership.

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Image of retired couple

  • Does the Roth IRA Make Sense for You?

    The IRA Conversion Analyzer will assist you in evaluating potential benefits of converting (or not converting) Traditional IRA funds to a Roth IRA.

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  • Retirement Planning Guide

    Helpful and introductory guide on key retirement issues and options.

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  • Should You Use a Traditional IRA or a Roth IRA?

    The answer depends on a number of factors. The IRA Selector will help you evaluate which type of IRA will provide the greatest amount of after-tax income at retirement.

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Financial Videos

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  • Buying a Car

    Short video covering the three major elements involved in buying a car: what you can afford, financing, and trade-ins.

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  • Getting a Mortgage

    A short video about what is needed to qualify for a mortgage including a pre-qualification letter, good credit score, down payment, and debt to income ratio.

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  • Getting out of Debt

    Video gives tips on ways to reduce debt through the use of a budget, snowball payment method, and debt management plans.

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  • Guarding Against Identity Theft

    A short video covering tips on how to safeguard the four main components that hold identity information: Social Security Number, account numbers, computer, and passwords and identifying information.

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  • Your Credit Score

    A quick video covering the basic parts of the FICO score.

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Image showing finger print and social security card

  • Fraud Protection

    Learn more about the types of emails our credit union sends so you can guard against phishing scams. Plus view videos on how to safeguard your identity from phishing attacks.

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  • Member Security Videos

    View videos with valuable tips on how to secure your confidential information. Among the topics covered are secure mobile banking and how to protect yourself from ATM and credit card scams.

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Books and Calculators

Image of a checkbook and calculator

  • Financial Calculators

    These financial calculators will help you answer important questions like whether to buy or rent a home, how much to save for retirement, and other significant life decisions.

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  • Money Management Books

    A collection of helpful resources on money management and good stewardship.

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