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Visa Debit Card

Works Like a Check, Gives to Missions and Earns CURewards!

Christian Community Credit Union’s Visa® Debit Card is like a plastic check that you can use everywhere Visa is accepted. It’s good for cash withdrawals at over a million ATMs displaying the Visa® logo and the PLUS® mark. It’s also good at ATMs1 displaying the STAR©, or the CO-OP Network symbols.

Choose your own PIN by calling 866.985.2273.

Earn CURewards Points

Every time you use your Christian Community Credit Union Visa® Debit Card as a signature-“credit”-based transaction, you’ll earn one point for every $2 in purchases.2 You can combine CURewards points from both your Visa Debit Card and your Christian Community Credit Union-issued Credit Card. Then, redeem your valuable CURewards points3 for free airfare, gift cards, cash back, and more. Start earning your CURewards points today.

Easy Deposits & Free Unlimited ATM Access

Use your Christian Community Credit Union Visa® Debit Card to make deposits at participating ATMs in the CO-OP Network. Plus, you can have unlimited withdrawals and balance account inquires with no fees from the Credit Union1.

Gives to Missions

The Visa® Debit Card teams up with Christian Community Credit Union’s credit cards in providing a donation to Christian missions and ministries. Whenever you use your Visa® Debit Card for a purchase (signature/”credit”-based transaction) at a Visa2 merchant, the donation to missions gets larger.

Card Services – Shop & Pay the Fast, Easy, and Secure Way!

Check out the many services that offer both convenience and security every time you use your debit and/or credit card for purchases. Learn more ▸

For Your Banking Convenience, use your Credit Union Visa® Debit Card at ATMs and point-of-sale terminals displaying these logos:

1) ATM withdrawals and balance inquiries may be subject to a surcharge from ATM owner. Refer to your Electronic Fund Transfers disclosure for additional information.
2) Reward points and mission donations will not be generated on ATM and Point-of-Sale transactions when you use your PIN.
3) Points earned will be credited to your account each month, will accrue over five calendar years and expire on a first-in-first-out basis annually. Points earned in calendar year one will expire as of the last day of calendar year five.

Schedule of Fees

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