Visa Debit Card

"The Card that Works Like a Check" and
gives to missions and earns CURewards!

Christian Community Credit Union's Visa® Debit Card is good for cash withdrawals at over a million Automated Teller Machines (ATM) displaying the Visa® logo and the PLUS® mark. It’s also good at ATMs* displaying the STAR©, or the CO-OP Network symbols. And you can use it just like a check at many locations worldwide.

NEW! You can now choose your own PIN by calling 866.985.2273.

Earn CURewards points
Every time you use your Christian Community Credit Union Visa® Debit Card as a "credit” transaction, you’ll earn one point for every $2 in purchases. You can combine your CURewards points for both your Visa Debit Card and your Christian Community Credit Card. Then, redeem your valuable CURewards points for free airfare, exciting travel opportunities and premium merchandise. Start earning your CURewards points today.

Use your Checking Account without writing checks
It’s a better way to make your everyday purchases…and it’s free. You pay no annual fee, monthly fees or transaction fees when you make purchases. And you’ll save money getting checks printed. You can use the money in your Checking Account and leave your checkbook at home. All you need is your Christian Community Credit Union Visa® Debit Card.

Your "plastic” check is accepted everywhere... but it's not a credit card The Visa® Debit Card has a Visa® logo, but it’s not a credit card. It’s like a "plastic check” that you can use everywhere Visa® is accepted. You never have to worry if your check will be accepted when you’re traveling or when you happen to find an unexpected bargain. Around the corner or around the world, it’s accepted at millions of locations. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of using your Visa® Debit Card at point-of-sale terminals in gas stations, supermarkets and other stores displaying the STAR©, Interlink® or Visa® symbols.

It's faster than writing checks... and it's easier
Just present your new Visa® Debit Card to the merchant at any location displaying the Visa® symbol, sign your receipt, and GO. At a point-of-sale terminal that displays the STAR©, Visa® or Interlink® logos, just slide your card through the terminal and enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN). That’s it! You never waste time writing checks or waiting for approvals, and your receipt allows you to keep your checkbook balanced as you would normally. And you also receive a detailed description of every Visa® Debit Card purchase on your regular monthly checking statement.

Easy deposits & free unlimited ATM access
Use your Christian Community Credit Union Visa® Debit Card to make deposits at participating ATMs in the CO-OP Network. Plus, you can have unlimited withdrawals and balance account inquires with no fees from the Credit Union*.

Help us give to missions
The Visa® Debit Card teams up with Christian Community Credit Union's credit cards in providing a donation to Christian missions and ministries. Whenever you use your Visa® Debit Card for a purchase (credit transaction) at a Visa® merchant, the donation to missions gets larger.

Visa Checkout makes Paying Online Easier!

Skip typing your info every time you make a purchase online. With a single login from any device you pay quicker with Visa Checkout.

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Protect Your Card from Online Fraud

Verified by Visa allows you to create a password to confirm your online purchases. It ensures you that only you can use your Visa debit card online and protects you from unauthorized purchases.

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You’ll discover that "The Card that Works like a Check”…really is better
For your banking convenience, use your Credit Union Visa® Debit Card at ATMs and point-of-sale terminals displaying these logos:

* ATM withdrawals and balance inquires may be subject to a surcharge from ATM owner. Refer to your Electronic Fund Transfers disclosure for additional information.

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