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5 Great (And Thrifty) Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Didn’t plan far enough ahead this Christmas? Or do you have some surprise guests coming over? We’ve got some great last-minute Christmas gift ideas that will fill stockings without emptying your wallet…or your emergency fund. 1. Hobby Gift Basket Discount stores are the…

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Shop Smart And Save Money This Summer

Summer can be a time for making great memories and having fun as a family. But you don’t need to put your finances at risk to do so. Plan ahead and shop smart, and you’ll be able to have a…

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Getting Set to Handle Post-Graduation Finances

Whether you're heading straight to a job or will be off to college, graduating from high school brings exciting new independence. With that long-awaited freedom, though, comes a whole new level of financial responsibility. Although you're likely to face an…

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Talking To Your Parents About Money

Managing your own finances can be tough enough as it is. Talking about finances with your parents can seem overwhelming. But it’s smart to start the discussion early, before illness or other circumstances force you to step in. It’s never…

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How to Manage Money When You Have Roommates

Money can cause a lot of problems in relationships. And that goes for friends and roommates, too. Whether you’re living with one friend or a houseful, you’ll need to find some way to split the expenses. Before you give out any…

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How to Start an Emergency Fund

You’ve probably heard that everyone should have an emergency savings fund. But a recent survey showed that 29% of Americans have no emergency savings at all. The Federal Reserve Board found in 2015that 46% of adults didn't have enough in savings to cover a $400…

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Mixing Money and Marriage

Congratulations! You got engaged over the holidays, and there’s a lot of planning to do. You’re probably thinking about seating plans and flowers right now. However, one of the first things to plan is how you and your future spouse will combine…

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