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Why You Need to Save Now

You may think you’re doing pretty well financially. You keep up with your everyday bills without too much trouble. You have a credit card or two in case of emergency. So why save? If you’re not saving, you could find yourself in…

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How To Write A Check

You might prefer to use electronic payment options, but paper checks are still important. According to the Federal Reserve’s 2013 study, 18.3 billion checks are written every year. Another study by market research firm New Heights Research showed that over half of all…

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5 Reasons Your 20s Are A Great Time To Save

Your 20s are an exciting time, and you should enjoy them to the fullest. You probably have lots of people offering advice on some of your life choices, especially your finances. Lately, some folks have been recommending that young people…

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How To Get The Best Car For Your Money

Whether it’s your first time buying a vehicle or you’re looking to replace your current ride, doing some pre-purchase homework is essential. Here are a few tips to help you get the most car for your money. Keep your goals realistic.You might…

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