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5 Reasons to Buy Your Own Car

Buying a car is a big decision. It’s definitely a financial commitment, but it can be a very positive step for your financial future. You may have heard that the future belongs to ridesharing services and short-term car leasing. But…

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10 Ways to Finance Your Grad School Education

Congratulations! You got your undergraduate degree and now it’s time to think about grad school. But how are you going to pay for it? You’ll want to have a financial plan in place before you enroll, especially if you’re married…

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The Opportunity of Biblical Stewardship

Our identity has a huge impact on how we think and what we do. That’s why, if we want to manage money well, it’s so important to understand who we are in God’s eyes, financially speaking. And why it’s so…

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Easing Into Home Ownership

For the first 10 months of our marriage, my wife and I rented an apartment. Then we bought a condo where we lived for five years. And then we bought a house. We didn’t purposefully set out to follow that…

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Why You Need to Save Now

You may think you’re doing pretty well financially. You keep up with your everyday bills without too much trouble. You have a credit card or two in case of emergency. So why save? If you’re not saving, you could find yourself in…

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