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5 Reasons to Buy Your Own Car

Buying a car is a big decision. It’s definitely a financial commitment, but it can be a very positive step for your financial future. You may have heard that the future belongs to ridesharing services and short-term car leasing. But are those really the best choices for you?

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10 Ways to Finance Your Grad School Education

Congratulations! You got your undergraduate degree and now it's time to think about grad school. But how are you going to pay for it? You'll want to have a financial plan in place before you enroll, especially if you're married and supporting a family. Here are 10 ways you can finance your education:

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The Opportunity of Biblical Stewardship

Our identity has a huge impact on how we think and what we do. That’s why, if we want to manage money well, it’s so important to understand who we are in God’s eyes, financially speaking. And why it’s so sad that many of us get this wrong. Let’s start with who we are not. We’re definitely not consumers, despite our culture’s all-out efforts to convince us otherwise. By definition, a consumer is one who destroys, uses up, or spends wastefully. Look it up; it’s right there in the dictionary.

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Easing Into Home Ownership

For the first 10 months of our marriage, my wife and I rented an apartment. Then we bought a condo where we lived for five years. And then we bought a house. We didn’t purposefully set out to follow that pattern; it’s just how our living arrangements unfolded. However, it turned out to be a great way to ease into home ownership that I now recommend to other young couples.

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Membership Matters! Why You Should Join a Credit Union

Have you ever considered joining a credit union? If not, why not? Credit unions offer the same products and services that banks do. Plus, when you join a credit union, you’re part of a movement—a movement of people helping people. Banks serve stockholders and are driven by profit, but credit unions serve their members and are not-for-profit organizations. When you join a credit union, you’re not just a member—you’re an owner!

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Why You Need to Save Money Now

If you’re not saving, you could find yourself in big financial trouble if you have an unexpected expense. What if your car breaks down, or your refrigerator? What if you, or your spouse, lose your job or get seriously ill? Do you have enough in the bank to cover something like that? A savings account can save the day when something unexpected happens. But saving money isn’t just for a rainy day. It’s for all the sunny days in between, too. Are you hoping to buy your own home someday? That someday will get here a lot quicker if you have enough saved up for a down payment. A healthy down payment can help you to get lower mortgage payments and a better interest rate. It can even help you afford a bigger house. And if you’re thinking of buying a car, savings can help you get into an upgraded set of wheels.

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Striking the Right Balance Between Saving and Investing

You may have heard the advice, “Pay yourself first.” The idea is to set aside a portion of every dollar you receive and use that money for saving or investing. But which one should come first: Saving or investing? Or should you save and invest at the same time?

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5 Financial Tips for Future Parents

Expecting a new bundle of joy? Talking to adoption agencies? Or have you just started discussing a family with your spouse? Wherever you are on the journey to parenthood, preparing your finances is just as important as preparing your heart for your new addition. Here are some tips to help get you ready for your new little one’s arrival.

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Protect Yourself from Counterfeit Checks

Counterfeit checks may look like an ordinary personal check, or even like a cashier’s check. If you deposit a counterfeit check, you will have to pay back your financial institution. You may also have to pay a fee for depositing an invalid check. Here are some ways you can protect yourself from being scammed by a counterfeit check:

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Don't Drive Your Financial Life Without a Dashboard

A properly designed budget tells you how much money is in your financial tank and how quickly you’re moving toward your goals.

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