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Security with a Difference – EMV Chip

EMV Chip Cards: Security with a Difference & More!

Your credit card has the EMV chip for improved security!

EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa and is named after its original smart chip technology developers. Known as a “chip card,” the EMV technology is a microprocessor chip embedded into credit cards. EMV is different from our old magnetic strip cards. It’s far more secure. The EMV chip uses dynamic authentication capabilities, which help reduce fraud and protect your personal information. It’s the most fraud-resistant payment method you can use.

EMV chip cards are accepted anywhere Visa and World Mastercard® are accepted. If a merchant is not yet utilizing a chip card-enabled terminal, the transaction will be processed using the magnetic strip on the back. However, the additional security benefits of the EMV chip will be realized anywhere merchants have converted to a chip-enabled terminal. Although EMV chip technology is already prevalent outside of the United States, U.S. merchants are now in the process of updating their payment terminals to be chip-enabled.

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