Scholarships for Success

Thank you for your interest. The 2015 Scholarship program has ended.
The next "Scholarships for Success" application period will be February 1–March 30, 2016. Please visit us at that time.

Do you or someone you know need money for college? Christian Community Credit Union’s "Scholarships for Success” Program can help students pursue their dreams. In 2015, we are awarding $50,000 in scholarships! Plus, we are offering multi-year scholarships of $1,000 per year! If you are not yet a member of Christian Community Credit Union, now's a good time to join.
APPLY EARLY! Applications are due March 31, 2015.
To qualify, applicants need to be:
  1. A member of Christian Community Credit Union with a Checking / Debit Card Account (newly-opened or existing)
    Not yet a member? See if you're eligible.
  2. Attending a college, university, or seminary for the 2015-2016 academic year;
  3. Enrolling (per semester/quarter) with 12 units or more for Undergraduate students; six units or more for Graduate students.
PLEASE NOTE: The maximum scholarship is $4,000 for Undergraduate students; $2,000 for Graduate students.
Application for membership and scholarship can be submitted at the same time.



Promote the Scholarship Program
Help spread the word about our "Scholarships for Success" Program to schools, churches, and youth groups. You can download web banners, flyers, applications, etc.

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