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Three Longtime Staff Retire

Christian Community Credit Union Announces Retirements of Longtime Staff

Christian Community Credit Union recently honored three retiring longtime employees: Barbara Dye, Nancy Boal and Wanda Glaze.

Barbara Dye, the longest-serving of the three retiring staff, was hired in 1976 and worked at the Credit Union for 42 years. Her last position was VP of Compliance. Nancy Boal was hired in 1990 and retired after 28 years of service. She served as Senior Loan Quality Specialist. Wanda Glaze was hired in 1986 and retired after 32 years of service. She was the Executive Secretary to the CEO.

“We’re so blessed to have had Barbara, Nancy and Wanda as part of our Credit Union family for so many years. We appreciate their dedicated and faithful service to the Credit Union,” said Marji Hughes, COO. “We pray for God’s abundant blessing on them and their families in this new chapter of their lives.”

Barbara Dye

Barbara Dye: 42 years of service

Nancy Boal

Nancy Boal: 28 years of service

Wanda Glaze

Wanda Glaze: 32 years of service

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