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7 Great Reasons to Use Credit Cards Responsibly

You’ve probably heard that credit cards are always a bad idea. Some financial advisors recommend that credit cards should never be used. But it’s tough to buy a house or a car without established credit. What’s a responsible person to do?

Regardless of what some experts say, using credit responsibly can be a very good thing. Using credit cards can save you money and help you build the financial future you want. Here are some of the best reasons to use credit cards:


  1. Building credit: Making small regular purchases with your credit card, and then paying them off in full each month, helps build a good credit rating. That means you’ll get better rates and pay less interest on mortgages and car loans.
  2. Protecting your bank account: Many big retailers have suffered data breaches recently. If your debit card is compromised, your checking account could end up short of funds. But if someone steals your credit card number, your checking account won’t be affected.
  3. Making hotel and rental car reservations: Without a credit card, renting cars or hotel rooms can be tough. Many hotels and car renters accept debit cards but place a hold on some of your money in return. These hefty reserve holds can make a dent in your checking account.
  4. Earning rewards: Some cards help you earn rewards and generate donations when you use them for purchases. You already need to buy things like gas and groceries, so earning rewards or giving to causes at the same time is a nice benefit.
  5. Travel: If you travel (domestically or overseas), credit cards can be a great tool. You’ll enjoy their increased fraud protection and you’ll have no trouble booking hotels. Many card issuers offer extra benefits for travelers. These can include baggage delay insurance, concierge service, and travel insurance. This peace of mind can make travel easier, whether it’s for business or pleasure.
  6. Business expenses: Are you a small business owner? Or do you have to submit reports for job-related expenses? Credit cards can make it easier to track those expenses. Business cards offer additional benefits.
  7. Emergencies: Cards are no substitute for a good emergency fund. But if you have an unexpected expense, a credit card can help you cover the cost. Use the card when the emergency happens, then pay the bill as quickly as you can.

If you’re following your budget and watching your expenses, a credit card shouldn’t hurt your finances. In fact, responsible card use can help you achieve your financial goals and save you money in the long run. Our low-rate credit cards earn rewards and give to missions with every purchase at no cost to you!

This article should not be considered legal, tax, or financial advice. You may wish to consult a tax or financial advisor about your individual financial situation. 

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