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Employees Raise $4,150 for Cancer Charities

Christian Community Credit Union Employees Raise $4,150 for Cancer Charities

Christian Community Credit Union employees held their 18th annual cancer awareness fundraiser and raised $4,150. The amount included an employee matching donation offered by the Credit Union’s senior management team. Employees had the option to give to Susan G. Komen for breast cancer research, City of Hope for leukemia research, and The American Cancer Society for colon cancer research. Staff who donated received a ribbon or bracelet with the color of the cancer organization they supported: pink for breast cancer, orange for leukemia, and blue for colon cancer.

Many staff had personal reasons for participating in the fundraiser. “As a breast cancer survivor, I know the struggle and pain that cancer brings to you and your loved ones,” said Credit Union eCommerce Support Representative Cynthia Hernandez. “I’m truly grateful that we at the Credit Union are giving of our resources to bless others who are in need.”

Cathy Martinez, Senior Operations Accountant who’s currently undergoing cancer treatment added, “My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Sadly, now that I have also been diagnosed, my daughter has a greater chance of developing breast cancer, too. Hopefully, by donating, we will help find a cure one day soon.”

For the first time, the cancer awareness month fundraising was opened up to support other cancer organizations in memory of employees who passed away from leukemia and colon cancer.

Christian Community Credit Union has $650 million in assets and over 30,000 members nationwide. For over 60 years, the Credit Union has served as a financial partner of Christian ministries, churches, and their members.


Employees Raise $4,150 for Cancer Awareness
Cancer Awareness in Covina Branch 2018

Christian Community Credit Union staff raised $4,150 during their 18th annual cancer awareness fundraiser. Staff wore pink, orange, and blue to show the cancer organization they supported.

Cathy Martinez works while battling cancer

Senior Operations Accountant Cathy Martinez continues to work while going through breast cancer treatment.

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