Making Deposits
With the advancement of technology, many ministries can save time by banking without leaving their offices. Wherever you are located in the United States, you can send us your daily check deposits remotely through a service called Remote Deposit Capture. This service allows you to scan and deposit checks without ever leaving your office. Read what our members are saying about this time-saving service.
Do you do your banking online?
We have a suite of online services to make your banking a hassle-free process. 
"RDC is one of the best services Christian Community Credit Union provided
to our church. It’s safe,  secure, and FAST! After counting and confirming an offering on Sunday, it takes only a few minutes to deposit the checks with RDC. Deposits used to wait until our checks were scanned in our records system, but now with RDC, our deposits are made quickly and we input them into our record system later in the week. Once you start using RDC, you’ll never want to give it up! Thank you Christian Community Credit Union for providing this service!”
Additionally, any cash that you need to deposit can be taken to a local affiliate banking center near you.
We offer many solutions for making deposits into your accounts at the Credit Union.
  • Remote Deposit Capture: Scan checks without ever leaving your office. Our members who have implemented this solution can not say enough about how much time and money they save through this.
  • The Affiliate Deposit Program: Walk into any local Bank of America and make your cash deposits. Deposits are posted to your credit union account by 1:00pm PST the following business day. 
  • Armored Services: We can arrange to have your deposits picked up at your location regularly. If you are having a major conference or event where you receive a high volume of cash, we can set up a one time pick-up so your funds are delivered to the bank safely and conveniently.
  • Automated Clearing House: This electronic funds transfer tool allows you to initiate transfers for donations, membership dues, tuition payments, and other pre-authorized withdrawals. You can also use this service to consolidate your funds from accounts at other financial institutions.
  • Incoming Wire: Wire money into your accounts anytime.

Remote Deposit Capture
RDCexpress is an innovative online deposit solution that allows you to make daily or routine deposits without ever leaving your place of ministry. It provides faster access to deposited funds and simplifies the entire deposit process.

Experience the Benefits
With Remote Deposit you can move your ministry to a more efficient way to manage check receivables.

Have access to funds faster:

• Decrease the check processing period
• Extend daily deposit deadline
• Make deposits daily or as checks come into your ministry
Organize your finances:

• Eliminate manual deposit preparation and paper trails
• Consolidate deposits from multiple locations into one 
  centralized account
• Integrate with your accounting software
Gain more time to focus on managing your ministry:

• Make deposits 24 hours a day, seven days a week
• Reduce or eliminate trips to the bank
• Eliminate time consuming data entry and photocopying
  checks for recording contributions
Keep more money for the ministry:

• Improve staff productivity
• Reduce cost of buying deposit supplies

Deposits Made Simple
Your deposit process will be simplified into three easy steps.
1. Scan the check using a check scanner
2. Verify and edit if necessary
3. Submit through our secure network
We handle all the behind-the-scenes processing. Only a check scanner is required, which is available through us. There’s no need to install complicated software or purchase any expensive office equipment. Additionally, you keep your existing accounts; money can be sent to your existing depository account.
To get more information or get started, consult our Ministry Development Banking team. 
Call toll free 800.347.CCCU (2228) ext 6216, or contact us.

Access to Cash

Affiliate Deposit Program
Make regular deposits at one of our Affiliate Banking Locations using special deposit tickets provided by Christian Community Credit Union. It's simple. Prepare deposit(s) using provided specialty deposit tickets and endorsement stamps.
Make deposit at local Affiliate Banking Location. Use merchant window for expedited service.

All deposits made before the close of the business day will post to your account by 1:00pm PST the following business day. Deposits effective dated with actual date of transaction. Affiliate Banking Option: Bank of America.
Express Bank-by-Mail
Have deposits picked up at your door and overnighted to Christian Community Credit Union. All deposits will post with the effective date of when the deposit was picked up. Air bills, envelopes, deposit tickets and endorsement stamps will be ordered on your behalf. Optional regular or one-time pick up schedule.

Armored Transport Service
Enjoy the convenience and security of transporting cash. The Credit Union will work with you to arrange for one time or regular pick ups that will be transported to a local cash vault for processing.

Courier Transport Service
Save time. Gain peace of mind. Let us make arrangements to transport your deposit(s) containing large volumes of checks or other negotiable instruments. One-time service or regular pick-up available.



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