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Christian Community Credit Union

Who can become a member?

Credit Unions are financial cooperatives that serve members, who become owners of the organization. At Christian Community Credit Union, we offer personal financial services for Christians such as credit cards, savings, free checking accounts, and even church and ministry financing loans.
You are eligible to join Christian Community Credit Union in one of two ways:

1) Through Your Church or Ministry – You're affiliated with a Christian ministry (including many Protestant Christian churches and schools) within Christian Community Credit Union’s field of membership.
You may be a member, regular attendee, employee, missionary, or student/alumnus.
> See if your church, ministry, or school is eligible for membership

2) Through Your Family – You're a relative of a current member of Christian Community Credit Union.
Relatives include: spouse, father/mother (and in-laws), brother/sister (and in-laws), son/daughter (and in-laws), grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew or cousin.

For more information about your membership eligibility,
call 800.347.CCCU (2228).

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New Member Special Offers


Ministry Membership
Membership is granted to churches and ministries who are directly involved in ministry. Qualifying organizations generally include Protestant Christian, Bible-teaching evangelical churches, Christian schools, and other Christian ministries (i.e. missionary and relief organizations). Member organizations are approved by Christian Community Credit Union’s Board of Directors to be included in our common bond field of membership.
> See if your church or ministry is eligible for membership

Join Ministry Membership

Business Membership
Membership is granted to Christian businesses whose owners/partners are individual members of Christian Community Credit Union. Contact Christian Community Credit Union to find out more.

Switch Kit
Once you become a member, move your Checking and Credit Card accounts to the Credit Union and save!
With our Switch Kit, moving your accounts is fast, simple and convenient.
Step 1: Get Organized
Step 2: Move Your Direct Deposits & Automatic Payments
Step 3: Close Your Old Accounts
Step 4: Transfer Your Credit Card Balance and Save

> Download Christian Community Credit Union's Switch Kit