A Kingdom Partnership

We help build Godís Kingdom by partnering with individuals and ministries to help them manage their money in a God-honoring way. Everything we do at Christian Community Credit Union is to nurture and strengthen these partnerships by continually striving to meet our members' needs.
A Rich History of Partnership
Over 58 years ago, a handful of American Baptist ministers joined together to form a credit union whose mission was to help its members grow their money and become better stewards. What initially began as a small local cooperative of Baptist ministers has grown to become a full service financial institution serving evangelical Christian individuals and ministries nationwide. In addition to providing competitive banking products, the credit union has partnered with members to expand Godís kingdom through The Cards That Give to Missions.

Building Godís Kingdom Together
Our passion is to expand Godís kingdom; our vehicle is partnerships with ministries like yours. Every time your ministry uses Christian Community Credit Union for its banking needs, it allows us to help other ministries build churches, expand ministry, and reach out to the lost. The more money that is placed on deposit with Christian Community Credit Union, the more we can serve. Partner with us and know that your money is at work building Godís kingdom.

Ministry Membership
Most of us want to be a part of something significant, to make a positive difference. Membership with Christian Community Credit Union provides that opportunity. One that we take seriously. In fact, we take your membership with us so seriously that our staff has committed to treating each of you in a God-honoring way; to make it convenient for you to do business with us; to identify your needs and suggest the best solution; to handle your transaction confidentially; and to appreciate our partnership with you. If you are already a member, please accept our sincere thanks and gratitude. We genuinely could not do this ministry without you. If you are not yet a member, give us a call or click here and let us know how we can partner with you.



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