ID Theft Assessment
How secure is your personal information against identity theft?
To find out, answer Yes or No to the following questions.
  1. I shred all pre-approved credit offers, account statements, and financial documents before disposing of them.
  2. I never carry my Social Security card.
  3. I have a locked, secured mailbox.
  4. My Social Security and driver license numbers are not printed on my checks.
  5. I review each of my credit reports annually.
  6. I only carry those credit cards that I use.
  7. I carefully review my monthly credit card statements before paying them.
  8. When shopping on the Internet, I buy only from secure websites.
  9. I am aware of all my creditors' due dates, and know immediately if a bill is missing.
  10. I know the security procedures at my place of work.
  11. I never reveal personal information unless I initiated the contact and know exactly who Iím dealing with.
  12. I have up-to-date virus protection software installed on my computer.
  13. I never store personal and financial information on my laptop.
  14. I know exactly what to do and who to contact in case my wallet is stolen.
  15. I have complete copies of all my credit cards stored in a safe place.
  16. All of my account passwords are too complicated for anyone to guess.

For maximum identity theft prevention, all of the answers should be Yes.
Have a few (or more) No's? Review the Identity Theft Prevention section for safety measures.



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