Our History
Celebrating Over 58 Years of Service
"Lord, all that we have accomplished You have done for us.” Isaiah 26:12b (NIV)

Christian Community Credit Union was established in 1957 as American Baptist Ministers Credit Union in Southern California. Since then, membership has grown nationwide and internationally to serve churches, ministries and their members as well as Christian schools, colleges, seminaries, retirement homes and other ministries.
Today, Christian Community Credit Union is one of the largest credit unions serving the Christian community. From church loans to savings accounts, the Credit Union puts your money to good works by providing affordable financing to churches, ministries and their members. Celebrate the major milestones as we look back at the last 57 years!

A handful of American Baptist ministers formed the American Baptist Ministers Credit Union in Norwalk, CA at the house of Lloyd Wagner, founding Treasurer/Manager. Other founding Board Members were George Colby, Hubert Davidson, Charles Davis, Lester Harnish, Earl Riley and Howard Temby.
1962 Archie Dingwall became Manager for a staff of two. Rates on share accounts were 4.9%.

1967 Membership grew to 1,529 and asset size reached the $1 million mark.
1970 Members unanimously voted to make "American Baptist Credit Union” (ABCU) the new official name.

Established in 1957, the Credit Union was originally founded to serve American Baptist ministers and was known as American Baptist Ministers Credit Union.

1971 Assets reached $6 million and membership 5,700 making ABCU one of the largest church-related credit unions in the United States.

1972 Assets surpassed $7 million in January. John T. Walling joined the ABCU staff as Assistant Manager and Loan Officer in June. In October, groundbreaking for the new ABCU headquarters took place in Covina, CA.

1973 Construction began in September to add an additional 12,000 square feet to the ABCU Headquarters in Covina. "Striving to Honor Our Lord Through Unique Service to Our American Baptist Constituency" became the new motto. The Credit Union reached $10 million in assets.

1976 Checking accounts and Direct Deposit were introduced to members. Savings accounts earned 6.25% APY. The Credit Union loaned out $17 million.

1977 In 20 years, ABCU surpassed $20 million in assets and membership grew to 9,400 members.

1978 Archie Dingwall retired as Manager and the Board promoted John T. Walling to General Manager. David Estridge joined the Credit Union as a Specialist in Commercial Lending. Assets exceeded $29 million and over 100 American Baptist churches and organizations had accounts with the Credit Union.

1979 2,200 members of American Baptist Norcal Credit Union became members of ABCU. Northwest Baptist Credit Union also merged with ABCU. The field of membership expanded to those who belonged to American Baptist churches. Certificates earned up to 9.75% APY on $10,000 for terms of at least six months. The Credit Union went 800 with a toll-free phone number. Construction began in September to add 12,000 square feet to the ABCU Headquarters in Covina.

1980 The Credit Union introduced its credit card program.

1981 The Credit Union celebrated its 25th anniversary and installed a new computer system.

1984 "Bank on a Christian Organization" became the tagline to emphasize the Credit Union's wide range of financial services and its unique position as a church-related credit union. The field of membership expanded to include members of American Baptist churches in 18 states. Assets reached $67.4 million.

1985 Ohio Baptist Ministers' Credit Union merged with ABCU and opened a branch in Massillon, Ohio.

1986 Call-24, the 24-hour account access by phone arrived. Assets exceeded $90 million with members in nearly every state and in more than 20 countries. Over $9 million was loaned to build or remodel churches.

1987 Thirty years later, the Credit Union served close to 20,000 members and assets reached $113 million. Iowa American Baptist Credit Union of Des Moines merged with ABCU.

1988 The field of membership grew to serve members in 44 states.

1992 The Credit Union adopted a new mission statement: "ABCU is a member-owned, full-service financial organization. Our purpose is to provide high quality, personalized financial service with integrity and timeliness for the well-being of our members." The Inland Empire Branch opened north of Ontario Airport.

1993 "The Cards that Give to Missions” credit card program was introduced. A portion of the interchange income of ABCU credit cards will give to missions.

1994 The first year's donation of "The Cards that Give to Missions” credit card program was $60,000. ABCU's tagline became "Banking with a Mission.”

1995 Ranked as the largest church-related Credit Union, ABCU's assets reached $159 million and served over 25,000 members in 48 states. The Credit Union gave over $75,000 to missions. ABCU went online.

1996 The Visa Check Card arrived - "The Card that Works Like a Check” and also gives to missions. "Personal Branch” was introduced. ABCU donated $85,000 to missions through "The Cards that Give to Missions.”

1997 ABCU had a face lift. In celebration of the 40th anniversary, the Credit Union adopted a new logo which symbolized stability, strength and growth of the Credit Union. ABCU donated a record $100,000 to missions. In the fall, the Automated Giving Plan was introduced to churches to enable church members to give through automatic, regular deductions from their personal checking or savings accounts.

1998 The Credit Union donated $120,000 from "The Cards that Give to Missions” to international and local missions projects.

1999 The Credit Union converted from NCUA insurance to American Share Insurance (ASI) where member accounts are insured up to $250,000 per account. Assets grew to over $200 million strong.

2001 ABCU became Christian Community Credit Union. The new name reflected the expanding field of membership and the Credit Union's vision to serve the larger Christian community. CURewards replaced the "CU in the Air Miles” credit card rewards program. "Membership Makes a Difference” program was introduced where churches and ministries received a donation from the Credit Union for every person from their group who joined the Credit Union.

2002 Assets exceeded $306 million. Christian Community Credit Union donated $180,000 to missions and ministries. Total donation to date reached $1 million.

2004 The Credit Union awarded $30,000 to the "Focused on the Future” scholarship program. Assets reached over $383 million with over 27,000 members.

2005 In November, the Credit Union broke ground for the new Corporate Office and Branch in San Dimas. Assets grew to over $428 million.

2006 The Credit Union expanded its field of membership allowing individuals to join the Credit Union by affirming a statement of faith. Southern Baptist Credit Union merged with the Credit Union. "The Cards that Give to Missions & Ministries” has given over $2 million since the donation program began in 1994. Local Christian radio stations KKLA and KFSH "The Fish” aired radio spots promoting "The Cards that Give to Missions & Ministries” and the Church Builder Certificates.

Checking Rewards was introduced which allowed members to earn CURewards points with Visa Check Card purchases. Online Banking's uDeposit feature enabled members to deposit checks online. In September, the San Dimas Branch opened for business. In October, a building dedication was held for the new Corporate Office and Branch in San Dimas.

2007 Christian Community Credit Union celebrates 50 years of service! The Credit Union now has 144 employees, with over $440 million in assets and serves over 28,700 members nationwide and in over 100 countries.

2008 The Credit Union celebrated its 51st year and was blessed with assets reaching $473 million. In partnership with Mission Aviation Fellowship, the Credit Union offered its first affinity card—the MAF Platinum Rewards Visa.
The Kingdom Builder Certificate was introduced earning up to 5.00% APY from seven to 60 months (new money only) to help provide affordable financing to churches and ministries who seek to fulfill their vision of growth and expansion.

We introduced our new tagline, "Your Money at Work Building God’s Kingdom” which expresses what we do and why with the deposits our members put in the Credit Union.
The Credit Union pledged $232,500 for the "Launch a Village” tribal development project in Thailand. Through "The Cards that Give to Missions & Ministries” program and in partnership with the Integrated Tribal Development Programme (ITDP), the project will provide water and sanitation resources, build a school and a health clinic as well as provide micro-enterprise lending. The donation will also help sustain the three villages.
Christian Community Credit Union performed much better than most credit unions and far better than most banks. The Credit Union remains "Well Capitalized!”
2009 Christian Community Credit Union served over 29,000 members and reached over $500 million in assets. The "Cards that Give to Missions” Credit Card Program donated $240,000, bringing the amount donated to date to over $2.8 million. $50,000 is donated to "Growing Healthy Churches,” a ministry focused on church growth and transformation. The "Focused on the Future” Scholarship Program awarded over $45,000 in student scholarships. The Credit Union introduced CardLock where members can lock or unlock purchase authorization on their card account by phone or online.
At year-end, there were 1,729 MAF Platinum Rewards Visa cardholders. To better serve members, the Credit Union adopted these new service standards: We promise to 1.) Treat you in a God-honoring way, 2.) Make it convenient for you to do business with us, 3.) Identify your needs and suggest a solution that is in your best interest, 4.) Handle your transaction confidentially, and
5.) Appreciate our partnership.
2010 We’re on Facebook! Members can get the latest information on our special offers, campaigns, and stewardship tips through this social media channel. In August, we converted to a new data processing system. In October, we offered a new affinity card-the International Ministries Platinum Rewards Visa – "The Card that Gives to Global Missions.”
2011 We now have a mobile -friendly Web site which is optimized for use on most recent versions of the iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. The site features five navigation options: About Us, Locations, Rates, Credit Cards and Contact Us. The Credit Union’s "Cards that Give to Missions” met its $200,000 donation goal.
2012 Mobile Banking is here! Members can access accounts through text messaging, mobile Web browser or free mobile apps. We met our missions donation goal of $240,000 through the "Cards that Give to Missions Program."
2013 We launched our newly-resdesigned Web site in February. Major milestones achieved included acquiring 1,650 new members, 1,500 new Checking Accounts, 2,000+ Mobile Banking users, and 545 new credit card accounts. $108 million in loans were granted to members and $52,000 in scholarships were given to student members. Our donation to missions amounted $280,000.
2014 We celebrated 20 years of giving through the "Cards that Give to Missions.” We donated $240,000 for missions and ministry projects in 2014 reaching $4 million in donations to date. The "Scholarship for Success” program awarded $63,000 in scholarships and became a multi-year award program. We launched the "Money for Missions” donation program. The Credit Union received the 2014 Gold Award for Website Redesign from Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MAC). In October, we offered a new affinity credit card with the Biola Visa Card to help fund Biola scholarships. The Platinum Rewards Visa was upgraded to Visa Signature Rewards and Visa Rewards credit cards with an embedded EMV chip for added security. In November, the Credit Union went through a successful computer system conversion allowing the Credit Union to better serve members and also meet long-term growth objectives. The year ended with $580 million in assets, 2,712 new members, and over 3,700 Mobile and Tablet Banking users.
The Credit Union serves over 29,500 members and has over $575 million in assets.

To God be the glory!



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