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Fresh Start Loan

A new beginning on your financial well-being!

Just as a sunrise marks a new day, our Fresh Start Loan offers you a new beginning in getting your finances in order.

Feeling overwhelmed with your high-interest loan? Been bitten badly by payday loan sharks? Need to rebuild your credit? We can help you get on the path to financial wellness and stewardship.

Get a Fresh Start on your Finances!

Consolidate payday and other high-interest loans at a lower rate!
  • Apply for a Fresh Start loan for as low as 21% APR.1
  • Request from $5,000 to $25,000 for up to 60 months.2
  • Get free financial counseling through GreenPath Financial Wellness.
  • Earn a rebate3 of 10% of the loan interest to help pay down your loan. Cash out not available.

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Reduce Debt with Fresh Start Loan
  • Offers a better alternative to payday loan sharks
  • Save money with a lower loan rate
  • Pay off high-interest loans
  • Helps reduce your debt
  • Access to personal finance resources to help you become a better steward and reach your financial goals

1) APR = Annual Percentage Rate effective 08/11/2022 and is subject to change without notice. This is a fixed term, close-ended loan. Tiered rate based on credit score and debt-to-income ratio. Not all borrowers will qualify for the lowest rate.
2) Monthly payment for $10,000 for 60 months at 21% APR would be $272.84. A processing fee of $25 applies when loan is funded. Financing the processing fee will increase the monthly payment.
3) To receive the 10% interest loan rebate: 1. Set up a Checking Account with automatic loan payments. Checking Account does not qualify for the $200 checking bonus. 2. Enroll and complete GreenPath Financial Wellness course within 60 days of loan funding. 3. No late payments. Loan account is considered late if payment is received after grace period ends. AND 4. Credit score will be reviewed annually and must be the same or increased since initial loan funding or last review. Interest rebate is credited annually and will be 10% of interest paid on the loan during the calendar year. Interest rebate will be credited back to the loan by January 31st. Cash out not available.
Terms and conditions apply.

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