Don't Tax my Credit Union

As a member-owner of Christian Community Credit Union, you benefit directly from the unique structure of our credit union. Like similar cooperatives, our not-for-profit status has always meant we are tax exempt.

But today, that not-for-profit tax exempt status is being threatened in Congress by lobbyists from the for-profit banking industry. There is nothing big banks want more than to tax your credit union, thereby undermining its ability to offer higher savings rates, lower fees, and superior loan rates. In short, banks want to force everyone to do business at a bank.

Congress is considering a drastic overhaul of the tax code. If congress listens to the big Wall Street banks, your credit union would soon lose its not-for-profit tax exemption, and with it, the high value you have come to expect from your credit union. This effectively means a new tax on you and your family.

We can stop the big banks if we have the help of you, our members. Only when your voice is heard on Capitol Hill will we be able to convince congress that a new tax on credit unions is actually a tax on you and on millions of other hard working families.
All you need to do is click here and then enter some basic information. It will only take you 30 seconds to protect the credit union choice that is so important to you, to your family, and to your local community.
Please join over 96 million U.S. Credit Union members and let your voice be heard!



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