Biola Visa Card


1. What year was BIOLA founded?
  1. 1901
  2. 1908
  3. 1921
  4. 1928

2. Dean R.A. Torrey was quoted as saying...
  1. “God never made a promise that was too good to be true.”
  2. “Every true revival has had its earthly origin in prayer.”
  3. “God’s path always delivers what he promises.”
  4. “If you don’t do your part, don’t blame God.”

3. The first campus was a converted...
  1. Fire Station
  2. Bowling Alley
  3. Pool Hall
  4. Library

4. Founder Lyman Stewart helped start...
  1. Standard Oil
  2. B&O Railroad
  3. Union Oil
  4. Union Tribune

5. In 1915 Torrey started a church called...
  1. Wittenberg Door Church
  2. Knocking on Heaven’s Door
  3. Church of the Open Door
  4. The Church Next Door

6. Getting approved for a BIOLA Visa Card will...
  1. Get you a $50 Visa Gift Card
  2. Help fund Biola scholarships!
  3. Earn you rewards with each purchase
    (& double points for donations to churches & many ministries)
  4. Include no annual fee and 0% APR Introductory Rate
  5. All of the above

ANSWERS: 1. B, 2. B, 3. C, 4. C, 5. C, 6. E

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(Only applies if you have a Christian Community Credit Union card) 

SPECIAL OFFER! When you're approved for a Biola Visa Card through December 31, 2017, we'll donate $200 to Biola! Plus, you'll get a $50 Visa Gift Card!

Helps Fund Scholarships & Earns Rewards

  • Earns CURewards + Up to 10,000 CURewards Bonus Points*
  • NO Annual Fee
  • Helps Fund Biola Scholarships - Over $83,000 donated to date!
  • 0% APR - Introductory rate for 12 months on purchases*
  • 0% APR Balance Transfer Rate - Introductory rate for 12 months*
  • Learn More about Biola's Affinity Card Alliance with the Credit Union

Biola University has formed an alliance with Christian Community Credit Union to offer a unique credit card that helps fund Biola student scholarships while you save money and earn rewards.

It’s a unique opportunity to invest in Biola University and its mission to impact the world for Christ.

Want to give even more? You can donate your points to Biola scholarships during October to December of each year! For every 10,000 reward points you redeem, the Credit Union will donate $70 to Biola scholarships!** 

Four designs to choose from!

Bell Tower



Jesus Saves


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Biola University encourages wise stewardship and does not promote indebtedness.

**Your points donation will not be tax-deductible, as Christian Community Credit Union will be making the donation directly to Biola.

‡ Rewards: Receive up to 10,000 bonus points on purchases: 5,000 when you’re approved and up to 5,000 more with double points for the first six months on any purchase. After the first six months, double points only apply to donations to churches and many ministries with IRS Merchant Category Code 8661 and are subject to change without notice. Points earned will be credited to your account each month, will accrue over five calendar years and expire on a first-in-first-out basis annually. Points earned in calendar year one will expire as of the last day of calendar year five.

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