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Christian Community Credit Union

Safeguard your Account from Home Depot's Security Breach
September 10, 2014
Dear Valued Member,

As you may have heard, Home Depot confirmed that they have experienced a data breach that goes back to April 2014. While Home Depot has stated that they believe no PIN was compromised, we are taking every precaution to safeguard your debit and credit cards.

At Christian Community Credit Union, protecting your personal financial information is our top priority. Although we do not have specific details on what cardholder information was compromised, we will continue to monitor the situation as Visa, MasterCard, and Home Depot release more details.

We strongly recommend safeguarding your account(s) by doing the following:

  1. Closely monitor your account activity through Online Banking/Mobile Banking to quickly identify any unauthorized charges. If you suspect fraud, call us at 800.449.7728.
  2. Setup alerts through Online Banking. Click My Credit Card tab found on the menu bar, then click on Visa Transaction Alerts. If you aren't setup with Online Banking, please click here to go to AccessPoint.
  3. Do not provide personal or account information from unsolicited requests by email or by phone that Christian Community Credit Union should already know. The Credit Union will never send text messages, instant messages, or email members requesting such information as Personal Identification Number (PIN), account number, or Social Security Number.
  4. Visit Home Depotís corporate website for additional information. They are also offering free identification protection services including credit monitoring.

For more information about Christian Community Credit Union's security measures and how you can protect yourself against fraud, read our privacy and security policy. You can also view our Member Security Videos for helpful tips on protecting your information.