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Christian Community Credit Union

Points for Missions
Thank you for your interest. Campaign ended 12/31/13.
For a limited-time only, you can give more to missions by donating your CURewards points earned on your Christian Community Credit Union Credit Cards to one of our mission partners below.
Every 10,000 points you give results in a $70 donation. Campaign ends 12/31/13. Donate Today!
The Sydney Orphanage in India
 Campaign Results:
1,150,000 points donated =
Matching contribution $8,050 =
$16,100 Grand Total Donated
International Ministries (IM)
 Campaign Results:
740,000 points donated =
$5,180 Grand Total Donated
Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)
Campaign Results:
1,520,000 points donated =
$10,640 Grand Total Donated
Donate CURewards points earned on your Christian Community Credit Union Platinum Rewards Visa or MasterCard to the Sydney Orphanage in Andhra Pradesh, India.

The orphans currently stay at the house of Orphanage Director Aseesh Sydney, who cares for 35 children who have been orphaned, abandoned or forced out of their homes. However, the need to expand the facility is great. Your donated points will go towards the construction of an orphanage facility to accommodate 250 children who otherwise would become prime targets of human trafficking predators.

Plus, in addition to your donation points, the Credit Union is committed to matching your contribution up to $25,000!

International Ministries (IM) serves over 1,400 short- and long-term missionaries annually. IM brings together churches and individuals from the U.S. and Puerto Rico with partners in over 75 countries in holistic, cutting-edge ministries that tell the good news of Jesus Christ while meeting human needs. Your CURewards points donations will go towards IM's Global Mission projects!
Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) works in remote areas around the world delivering Bibles, transporting doctors and medical supplies, and supporting the work of missionaries and Bible translators. Your CURewards points donation will help support MAF in their dedicated work of transforming lives through the Good News of Jesus.

Points donation in increments of 10,000 points only with a 10,000 minimum. $70 for every 10,000 points donated. Points for Missions program effective November 1, 2013 and is subject to change without notice. CURewards points redeemed for missions donation are not tax-deductible.