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Christian Community Credit Union

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft
Criminals have started targeting mobile devices to steal your confidential information. In this video you will learn some of the tricks that criminals are using to attack your mobile device and what you can do to protect yourself. 

Important Security Tips
  • Always password protect your mobile device. Every device has the ability to add a password and without that password anyone who has access to your device could have access to your accounts, apps and personal information. With over $70 billion in lost or stolen cell phones each year, the risks of losing your phone are real.

  • Be aware that criminals will send text messages claiming to be from your financial institution. In most cases the text message will contain a phone number or a link and inform you that for security reasons you will need to call the number or visit the link. These text messages are scams that are designed to trick you into providing confidential information. If you receive a text messages claiming to be from your financial institution, do not click on the link for call the phone number provided. Instead look up the real number for the organization and call them. Explain the text message you received and they will be able to tell you if the message is legitimate or a scam.

  • Be aware that criminals will create apps for phones that are designed to look like they are from your financial institution. Never install an app claiming to be from your financial institution unless you have confirmed that the financial institution actually has an App and the exact name of that app. When in doubt, call the financial institution and ask them. Criminals will use these fake apps to trick you into entering your confidential information which can be used to commit identity theft.

  • Always notify your financial institution in the event that your mobile device is stolen.

The views and opinions expressed in this video do not necessarily represent those of this organization. The information contained in this video is provided for informational and illustrative purposes only. None of it guarantees a particular viewer’s information will be more secure. Every security situation is different.Thus, nothing on the video should be relied upon in making actual security decisions in place of consulting withan experienced and knowledgeable security consultant about your specific situation.

Jim Stickley and "Stickley on Security” are not responsible for your personal security and the information on the video is given without warranty or guarantee. You agree that, in viewing this video, you are responsible for your own security and that neither Jim Stickley nor "Stickley on Security” are advising you about or are responsible for your particular situation.