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Christian Community Credit Union

Monitoring & Protection
If you are especially concerned about the possibility of identity theft, you may consider paying for added protection or a monitoring service – but do so only after carefully reading the fine print and weighing the cost against the benefits. Some of these businesses are scams themselves. Research the company’s history and check the Better Business Bureau’s complaint log before signing an agreement.
Credit Monitoring
Each of the three major credit bureaus offers a fee-based credit monitoring service. They typically provide regular credit report updates about fraudulent activity, new inquiries, new accounts, late payments, and sudden changes in your credit card balances. These plans often include a specific number of credit reports being mailed to you automatically or at your request, and access to specialized customer service.
Credit Protection
Credit protection is offered by private companies and some financial institutions, and the prices and services vary considerably. Most will reimburse victims of identity theft for out-of-pocket expenses (up to a certain dollar amount) and help you through the process of contacting creditors, writing affidavits, and filing reports.