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Christian Community Credit Union

Personal Account FAQs
How do I get a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for access to Online Banking or CALL- 24?
Contact us at 800.347.CCCU (2228).

What if I forget my Call-24/Online Banking Personal Identification Number (PIN)?
Call us at 800.347.CCCU (2228) during normal business hours. Financial Services can assist you in choosing a new one.

Who do I contact to report a lost or stolen Credit Card or Visa Check Card?
Call the 24-hour Cardholder Services at 800.449.7728.

How can I make deposits into my credit union savings or checking account?
There are several convenient ways to make deposits to your Christian Community Credit Union account depending on your circumstances:
  • MOBILE DEPOSIT: You can deposit checks fast with your mobile device.

    Deposits can be mailed to:
    Christian Community Credit Union
    PO Box 3012 Covina CA 91722

    You can make deposits at select ATMs through the CO-OP network and CUService centers. Please note that not all ATMs in the CO-OP network accept deposits. 

    Deposits can be made electronically through direct deposit of payroll, Social Security and pension.

How do I order personal checks?
Call Deluxe directly at 800.328.7205. Send in your reorder slip to Christian Community Credit Union or contact the Credit Union to speak to a Financial Services Representative at 800.347.2228 to assist you.

How can I get free checking?
Here are four ways to "free checking":
  1. Switch to Christian Community Credit Union! If you've never had our Checking, a Classic Checking or Interest Checking account is free for one year.
  2. Receive a Basic or Interest Checking account free for every month you have a direct deposit into your account.
  3. Show school spirit! High school and college students (age 17-24) get Student Checking free.
  4. Maintain a minimum daily balance of $750.00 or more to waive the monthly service fee.

Is it O.K. to get our checks printed from an outside company?
If the member were to use an outside company such as a direct mail marketer, then the member accepts full responsibility for the production, delivery, processing, and any potential information shared with 3rd party suppliers. The Credit Union agrees to use Deluxe to produce the member's check packages. Deluxe catalog will be the only check products provided under contract, to our members. Deluxe stands behind all products with a 100% unconditional guarantee. Lastly, Deluxe does not sell information to 3rd parties. In fact, we do not only meet, but also exceed all GLB requirements for consumer and data privacy. GLB refers to the Gramm Leach Bliley Privacy act, which dictates how much customer information financial institutions can share with third parties.

What ATMs can members of Christian Community Credit Union use? 
> ATM information.

What is Christian Community Credit Union's routing number?