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Christian Community Credit Union

The newest way to lock in security and peace of mind.
Our innovative CardlockTM service puts the power to prevent credit and debit card fraud in your hands. With one quick phone call to the automated system—or a visit to the secure website—you can lock or unlock purchase authorization on your card account. It’s a simple way to protect your payment card from fraudulent usage anytime, anywhere.
Use it from time to time or all the time—the choice is yours. No matter how you choose to use CardLock, if anyone tries to make an unauthorized purchase while your card is locked, you’ll be automatically notified by phone of the transaction attempt.
CardLock works hand in hand with advance fraud protection systems already in place, but gives you a greater role in the fight
against fraud. After all, prevention is always better than the worry, stress and inconvenience that follows fraudulent use of
your credit or debit card.