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Christian Community Credit Union


Our Mission Statement
"Our Mission is to partner with members and ministries to help them become better stewards and achieve their financial goals.Ē

About Us

Christian Community Credit Union is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer who offers a professional working environment and a comprehensive benefit package.
Christian Community Credit Union is one of the largest credit unions serving the Christian community. For over 58 years, the Credit Union has provided great benefits and significant cost savings for our members. Our professional staff specialize in national and international full-service banking.
Christian Community Credit Union supports a drug-free workplace. Our working facilities are non-smoking establishments. If you use illegal drugs, please do not apply for employment. Please be advised of our policy regarding tattoos and body piercing:
Christian Community Credit Union desires to project a conservative, professional, business image to the public. Tattoos may not be visible at any time while performing work duties. Men are not permitted to wear ear jewelry. Women may wear two pieces of ear jewelry (one in each ear in the ear lobe only) while performing work duties. No ear disks, plugs or visible body piercing jewelry is permitted.

How to Apply for Employment
We only accept one application per applicant. For example, if you are interested in applying for more than one position, you must select only one job opening and go through the entire application process before being considered for another position.

We only accept applications for positions that are currently available.
Christian Community Credit Union believes that our success begins with our employees.

Our Core Values

We value God-honoring relationships.
We encourage honest and open communication and desire to resolve personal conflicts quickly and fairly.

We value the uniqueness of every person in the Credit Union.
We strive toward Godís high calling of giving our best in all we do. We value the diligence, skill and commitment we observe in each other.

We value creativity and a diversity of ideas and solutions.
We work towards the enhancement of one anotherís effectiveness by putting the interest of others above our own.

We value the wise use of our time, talents, and unique God-given gifts.
We strive to provide excellence in financial service to our members always seeking their best interest.

We value accountability for ourselves and all team members.
We encourage and build up one another while holding each other to the highest standard of integrity.

We value a well-balanced life.
We encourage a passionate commitment to family, ministry and work while seeking to provide an environment that fosters these important priorities.

If you have questions, or require further assistance, please contact the following
HR representative:
Attention: Trini Mejia
Phone: 800.347.CCCU (2228) ext. 6305